College Trigonometry

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Carl Stitz, Lakeland Community College
Jeff Zeager, Lorain County Community College

Pub Date: 2011

ISBN 13:

Publisher: Stitz Zeager Open Source Mathematics

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Reviewed by Tim Delworth, Continuing Lecturer, Purdue University, on 7/16/2014.

A quick glance at the table of contents shows that all the major topics of a college trigonometry course are included. We cover Conics and … read more


Table of Contents

10 Foundations of Trigonometry

11 Applications of Trigonometry

About the Book

Covers chapters 10-11 of Precalculus.

About the Contributors


Carl Stitz, Ph.D. is a Professor of Mathematics at Lakeland Community College outside of Kirtland, Ohio.

Jeff Zeager, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio.

Dr. Stitz and Dr. Zeager co-wrote this college algebra textbook with the vision of creating a high-quality, open-source textbook that is within reach and accessible to the average college student.  In recognition of their work, both authors received the prestigious Faculty Innovator Award from the University System of Ohio in 2010.