Entrepreneurship and Innovation Toolkit

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Lee Swanson, University of Saskatchewan

Pub Date: 2017

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Publisher: Independent

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Reviewed by Dr. Julie Thomson, Lecturer in Innovation, Operations Management, Glasgow Caledonian University, on 2/2/2018.

As a lecturer in Innovation Management, I was keen to read this text. A toolkit can be a helpful reference guide to dip in and out off and this text … read more


Table of Contents

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Toolkit

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Chapter 2 – Opportunity Recognition and Design Thinking
  • Chapter 3 – Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Chapter 4 – Business Models
  • Chapter 5 – Business Planning
  • Chapter 6 – Financing Entrepreneurship
  • Chapter 7 – Business Set-Up, Start-Up, and Growth
  • Chapter 8 – Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Chapter 9 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Chapter 10 – The Entrepreneurial Environment

The Language of Entrepreneurship

About the Book

This book is designed for upper year undergraduate students and graduate students studying fundamental entrepreneurship concepts.

About the Contributors


Dr. Lee Swanson is an Associate Professor of Management and Marketing at the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan. His research focuses on entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, Aboriginal entrepreneurship, community capacity-building through entrepreneurship, and institutional-stakeholder engagement. Dr. Swanson’s current research is funded through a Social Sciences Humanities Research Council grant and focuses on social and economic capacity building in Northern Saskatchewan and Northern Scandinavia. He is also actively studying Aboriginal community partnerships with resource based companies, entrepreneurship centres at universities, community-based entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions. He teaches upper-year and MBA entrepreneurship classes and conducts seminars on business planning and business development.