Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

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Miliann Kang, University of Massachusetts
Donovan Lessard
Laura Heston, University of Massachusetts
Sonny Nordmarken, University of Massachusetts

Pub Date: 2017

ISBN 13: 978-1-9457640-2-8

Publisher: Independent

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Reviewed by Mindy Stokes, College Instructor, Clatsop Community College, on 5/22/2018.

This text is great to use with undergraduate students who just beginning their college careers. It includes a historical analysis of the women's … read more



Reviewed by Elijah Edelman, Assistant Professor , Rhode Island College, on 5/22/2018.

The text is distinctly more comprehensive in scope and content when contrasted to the unfortunately majority of current texts framed around gender … read more



Reviewed by Milton Wendland, Instructional Faculty II, University of South Florida, on 3/28/2018.

The text provides a broad overview of key concepts, although some that would seem to me foundational are missing (e.g., patriarchy, kyriarchy, Title … read more



Reviewed by Vicki McGarvey, Learning & Information Services Manager, Staffordshire University , on 2/2/2018.

This is a clear and concise introduction, to women, gender and sexuality. It provides a theoretical context and examines the various societal issues … read more



Reviewed by Janice Okoomian, Assistant Professor, Rhode Island College, on 2/2/2018.

A number of important concepts are not covered or are only mentioned in passing -- the role of religion, for instance, in constructing ideologies of … read more



Reviewed by Michelle Buchberger, Assistant Professor, Miami University, on 2/2/2018.

The text is brief. It is 132 pages, covering the following topics: 1. Critical Introduction to the Field 2. Theorizing Lived Experiences 3. Identity … read more



Reviewed by Stef Woods, Professorial Lecturer, American University, on 2/2/2018.

I was impressed with the book's comprehensiveness. I particularly appreciated the book's discussion of the field of sexuality studies, the binary, … read more



Reviewed by Maina C. Singh, Scholar in Residence, School of International Service, American University, on 2/2/2018.

The title of the book itself reflects its wide span of coverage -- from women and gender to more complex debates in Sexuality Studies. It covers … read more



Reviewed by Kathryn Klement, Assistant Professor, Bemidji State University, on 2/2/2018.

The authors are very comprehensive in their topic coverage. I particularly like how discussion of intersectionality permeates the text outside of … read more


Table of Contents

Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
About This Book
Table of Contents


Unit I: An Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies: Grounding Theoretical Frameworks and Concepts

  • Critical Introduction to the Field
  • Theorizing Lived Experiences
  • Identity Terms
  • Conceptualizing Structures of Power
  • Social Constructionism
  • Intersectionality
  • References: Unit I

Unit II: Challenging Binary Systems and Constructions of Difference

  • Introduction: Binary Systems
  • The Sex/Gender/Sexuality System
  • Gender and Sex - Transgender and Intersex
  • Sexualities
  • Masculinities
  • Race
  • Class
  • Alternatives to Binary Systems
  • References: Unit II

Unit III: Institutions, Culture, and Structures

  • Introduction: Institutions, Cultures, and Structures
  • The Family
  • Media
  • Medicine, Health, and Reproductive Justice
  • The State, Law, and the Prison System
  • Intersecting Institutions Case Study: The Struggle to End Gendered Violence and Violence Against Women
  • References: Unit III

Unit IV: Gender and Work in the Global Economy

  • Introduction: Gender and Work in the Global Economy
  • Gender and Work in the US
  • Gender and the US Welfare State
  • Transnational Production and Globalization
  • Racialized, Gendered, and Sexualized Labor in the Global Economy
  • References: Unit IV

Unit V: Historical and Contemporary Feminist Social Movements

  • Introduction: Feminist Movements
  • 19th Century Feminist Movements
  • Early to Late 20th Century Feminist Movements
  • Third Wave and Queer Feminist Movements
  • References: Unit V

About the Book

This textbook introduces key feminist concepts and analytical frameworks used in the interdisciplinary Women, Gender, Sexualities field. It unpacks the social construction of knowledge and categories of difference, processes and structures of power and inequality, with a focus on gendered labor in the global economy, and the historical development of feminist social movements. The book emphasizes feminist sociological approaches to analyzing structures of power, drawing heavily from empirical feminist research.

About the Contributors


Miliann Kang is associate professor in Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she is also affiliated faculty in Sociology and Asian/Asian American Studies. Her book, The Managed Hand: Race, Gender and the Body in Beauty Service Work (2010, University of California Press) addresses gendered processes and relations in immigrant women’s work focusing on Asian-owned nail salons. It won four awards from the American Sociological Association (Sections on Racial and Ethnic Minorities; Sex and Gender; Race, Gender, and Class; and Asia/Asian America) and the Sara Whaley book prize from the National Women’s Studies Association. She is currently researching work-family issues for Asian American women, and the racial politics of mothering. Her research has been supported by the American Association of University Women, the Ford Foundation, the Institute for Asian American Studies at UMass Boston, the Labor Relations and Research Center at UMass Amherst and the Social Science Research Council. She received her Ph.D. from New York University and her B.A. magna cum laude from Harvard University.

Donovan Lessard is a researcher and public health evaluator with an MA in sociology and a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies.

Laura Heston is a graduate student in the Department of Sociology at University Massachusetts, Amherst.

Sonny Nordmarken is a graduate student in the Department of Sociology at University Massachusetts, Amherst.